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Does your Home Still Suit Your Needs? Posted On 15 October 2021

Moving concept, Father and his son moving into their new home

Deciding whether to stay or Go

Deciding to move house is an exciting, if somewhat daunting, decision. Identifying your ‘why’ is crucial when you start to sense that niggling feeling that has your trawling Rightmove to find your next home.

Feeling cramped is one of the most common driving factors when deciding to move. We live in a consumer driven environment, and it is easy to continue to accumulate ‘things’. As your family expands, so too will the number of items you own and indeed, need. Your two-bedroom house may have felt spacious when there were just two of you but add an infant to the mix and your home will soon feel overrun with prams, bouncers, rockers, playmats, activity cubes and more toys than you ever thought imaginable. 

An ever-growing family brings with it an understandable shift in priorities. Suddenly your proximity to a park, school catchment areas and distance to grandparents jump up the priority list.

Or perhaps you are at the other end of the spectrum and your children have moved out. Does the house feel quiet and a little empty? Downsizing could now be on the cards for you.

Once you’ve understood your motivation to move, have an honest discussion with your estate agent about your motives. Do you need a speedy sale? Are you in a position to wait for the right price and the right buyer to come along? Ensuring you and your estate agent are on the same page means they will be able to convey your wishes through their marketing and communication.

Whatever type of house you choose to buy next, we can provide you with the help you need to sell your property. Contact us today for a free, no obligation valuation and get your journey started!


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