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How To Avoid Common Pitfalls When Selling Your Home Posted On 20 October 2021

A guide to make the Process as simple as Possible


Congratulations! You’ve made the exciting decision to sell your home! This process can be time-consuming and emotionally challenging. Strangers invading your home and criticising your choice of wall colour or carpet style can feel offensive and it’s hard not to refrain from asking them not to open cupboards and drawers. Following these simple guidelines will reduce your stress and the time spent selling your property so read on.


Firstly, try to remove your emotions from the equation. It is easy to become emotionally involved when selling your home. You once saved up money to afford the deposit, painstakingly chose the design style and spent time creating memories inside. Once you have made the decision to sell, however, you need to start thinking of yourself as a businessperson rather than the homeowner.


By looking at the transaction from a purely financial perspective, you’ll distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling your house. Another good tip is to remember that buying is also an emotional process. The buyer will be imagining their new life in your property so projecting a certain image or lifestyle could be beneficial in synching a sale. Staging your home will also help you to create emotional distance as your home will look less familiar to you.


Find an agent you trust. It can be tempting to sell your home alone or with someone like Purple Bricks, but remember, your High Street agent will have experience negotiating house sales in our area, helping you make more money. If any problems pop up during the process, an experienced professional on hand to guide both you and the buyer through the issue will be invaluable. Agents are also familiar with all the paperwork and pitfalls involved with selling a house and can ensure the process goes smoothly – this means there will be fewer delays or glitches in the deal.


Make sure you are happy with the photos being used in your listing. Most good estate agents will take photos with crisp, clear light and will showcase your home’s best features. Wide angles lenses can be favourable to show potential buyers what a room really looks like.


So, follow these guidelines and seek advice from your agent and you’re set to achieve the seamless, lucrative sale every seller hopes for!

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